Skyros Carnival

At the beginning of the Triodion and each weekend of Carnival, the island’s main custom wants the ” old man ” and ” Korela ”  going out the streets of the island , giving a distinct image of days . The ” old man ” wears thick black cape, white woven breeches and has an average of two to three rows of bells , the weight of them may be as high as 50 pounds. His face is covered with sheepskin small kid and walking with dancing rhythm , manages to sound melodic the bells which wears . The ” Korela ” is dressed with traditional clothes of Skyros , with main color the white to contrast with the black color of the ” old man “, having as well her face covered .

The duo of Skyro’s Carnival accompanies many times and ” Frank “, who is dressed with traditional clothes of the island and satirizes those habitants of Skyros who took of their breeches and wore shorts ( Frankish ) .

Another manifestation of Skyros Carnival is the ” trawl ” , which is a representation of naval life , where fishermen mostly satirize metrical situations and events relating to Greek daily life .

On Clean Monday, almost all Skyrians with traditional local costumes descend on the village square and dance and sing songs of Skyros .