Kastorias Carnival

 The “Ragoutsaria”, as called the carnival in Kastoria , are  celebrated from 6 to 8 January and are the revival of the ancient Dionysian ceremonies, which took place since ancient times and according to the locals is a festival that aims to help them forget the troubles of the Year .

 The events are a culmination of carnival celebrations for the city, because are combined with the celebrations of Christmas. In Ragoutsaria participate all Kastorians , but also many foreigners who attend those days in the city and getting out all the streets and alleys , celebrating with dances , songs , banter and plenty of wine .

 Until 1930, at Ragoutsaria dominated the form of Bacchus . Beyond the symbolic interpretations of custom , the Ragoutsaria of Kastoria give today a playful and fun touch , attracting many visitors for a wild party beyond the ordinary.

 The opening of the carnival takes place the Epiphany , after dropping the cross and the blessing of the waters. Costumed and going dancing and partying in the city . On the second day, the groups go to their homes to ward off evil spirits and to encourage householders to participate in the wild party . On the third day of events culminating with the grand parade of floats and masqueraders ( school groups ) . Involved with many orchestras brass instruments , consisting of 5-12 people.