Xanthis Carnival

The most popular Carnival in Northern Greece is the Carnival of Xanthi , completing nearly half a century of presence in the beautiful city of Thrace and brings thousands of visitors every year in order to celebrate and have fun .

Until the 1950s the carnival events were organizing in Xanthi had mainly folklore character , with strong featured traditional Thracian elements . Participated mostly dance groups and all the cultural associations of three county Thrace and some of neighboring areas.

The evolution of the Carnival was based on more modern events . Each year, a different theme is voted and based on this, the clubs create carnival costumes . Over thirty clubs prepare uniforms for a long time , while throughout the duration of the final fortnight in the city take place concerts , art exhibitions and various carnival events .

Main components of the Carnival of Xanthi are currently three major parades in the city center : the ” Parade of Folklore ” that precedes the evening Carnival Parade, which preheats the audience for the big close Parade Sunday of Carnival .

The institution closes by burning effigies of Tzara , custom that brought Samakov refugees from Eastern Thrace and revived each time by the inhabitants of the homonymous settlement , near the bridge of the river Kosynthos Xanthi. The name ‘ Tzaros “emerged from the peculiar sound ( tz , tz , tz ) created by the burning bush . It is a … fiery folk custom with spectacular atmosphere and fireworks and of course, lots of fun in the length and breadth of the city .