Tirnavos Carnival


The “Bourani” ( Turkish word, meaning lachanoryzo or spinach ) is a delicacy in form of soup, with spinach, nettle, and vinegar. In Tyrnavo it marks the beginning of the dance, songs, obscene expressions and teasing. More precisely The “Bourani” is the celebration of the phallus, symbolizing reproduction and the birth of many children. During this celebration, which has made Tirnavos Carnival famous , men hold in their hands phalluses as scepters, made of wood or clay .

Tirnavos Carnival is now considered the biggest and best Carnival of Central Greece and  a nation-wide event. Carnival events begin with the beginning of the Triodion and last about a month .

They are organized cultural events, theatrical evenings and all actions are accompanied with plenty of music and dancing . The festivities culminate on the last Sunday of the Carnival with the Grand Parade of floats , which , inspired by tradition and timeliness and made with imagination and passion , give a special glamour to Tirnavos Carnival .

However, the soul of Carnival is the thousands of carnivalists , which masked with original uniforms of different colors , flooding the streets , dancing ,have fun and partying until morning in the rhythms of Carnival .

Tirnavos Carnival is a custom with roots in time inaccessible . Has a history of at least 100 years . The first evidence for this celebration take place in 1898 and in the long course of its experience had repeated attacks from all who believed that harm the morals and customs of the time.