Rethymno Carnival

The carnival in Rethymnon is dated back to 1914 , when they appeared the first evidence of humorous events. Halloween a bygone era, that have left their nostalgic flavor , with romantic dances and Rethymnians welcoming with the appropriate values  ” His Excellency King Carnival in the disarray of plenty laughts! “

Today the Carnival of Rethymnon , one of the most important in Greece , is organized every year with great taste and imagination . The main streets of Rethymno filled with happy and festive mood  welcoming locals and visitors in an endless party. Chariots , wagons , humorous costumes and all sorts of original ideas parading in front of thousands of visitors .

Every year is carried out the treasure hunt and the corresponding children’s , is celebrated the Smoke Thursday (Tsiknopempti as it known) with plenty of food and drinks in the center of the Old City , are organized carnival dances and all the action culminates with two major parades .

From the principal events are the dance groups, Sunday Carnival , which owe its success to the original and entertaining shows with satire and generally wonderful joyful atmosphere . Participants skyrocket their disposal in order to amuse the visitors.

The Carnival of Rethymnon owes its success to the great audience participation , volunteering , the unique atmosphere throughout the duration of the carnival and the great effort of the Municipal Authority for the continued support and the enrichment of carnival.