Patras Carnival

Patras Carnival is the largest carnival event in Greece . Counts 185 years history . The events begins on 17 January by the crier, announcing the start and the Saturday night which is following with Opening Ceremony of the Carnival and lasts until Clean Monday .

Patras Carnival is not only the great parade the last Sunday , which is known throughout the world , but a variety of events including dances , parades (involving 40,000 carnival contestants) , Treasure Hunt , Carnival of Children, street theater , exhibitions, film tribute , National Festival of Amateur Theatre Satire etc.

Culminates on the last weekend of Carnival with the nightly parade of crews on Saturday , the spectacular grand parade of floats and crews on Sunday and finally, the ritual burning of King Carnival at pier of St. Nicholas in the port of Patras .

Soul of the carnival is tens of thousands of Patras carnivalists , guests and friends of the Carnival , people of all ages who participate spontaneously in carnival events , both official, and in hundreds of other informal as carnival dances , balls and feasts in homes , neighborhoods , clubs , restaurants etc. involving the city all the tissues heady mirth.